Why choose ENROLpro?

ENROLpro was developed in 1999 by Z&M numerics Ltd, as a result of the need for a user-friendly Student Management System able to respond to daily challenges faced by Tertiary Education Organisations in New Zealand. 

Our success of nearly 20 years comes as a response to our dedication and passion for perfection. Our team has extensive experience in software development of client-server applications and web solutions. Through our Bureau Services we learn the challenges faced by New Zealand TEOs and find solutions within ENROLpro. Our system is constantly evolving.

ENROLpro is fully compliant with NZQA, MOE and TEC enrolment requirements and can assist any TEO with EER reporting needs.

The software is 100% developed in New Zealand for New Zealand TEOs. It has been certified by the Ministry of Education for SDR, UIP and NSI (both REST and batch interfaces). 

We work together with government and other agencies to assist TEOs with compliance reporting for:


With 16 modules to choose from connected to powerful web portals, ENROLpro is the right choice for any TEO. 

We work closely with TEOs to understand their requirements and propose customised solutions to their software needs. Talk to us about your immediate and future needs.